Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Here is some research for this film (graduation film in Gobelins, co directed with.. well see my profil on the right for the whole crew!).
We are working currently on oktapodi's website, so it should be updated with pictures and stuff within the next weeks...


Daddy himself! said...

Oh, Gosh!
I love your illustrations!
They're GREAT!
I really liked'em at first sight.
They're very cool and interesting.
I'm learning how to get into illustration. I'm bad at it. But with so beautiful inspiration like your work I'll learn something for sure!
I hope we can get some trade-info one day.
Hugs and regards from Mexico!!

Anonymous said...

Les mouettes a papa thierry, dis moi tu ne serais pas breton par hazard ???
Ben elle est bien cool ta pitite selection de design Oktapodi..... c'est quand le prochain film que tu me fasse encore rever....prout

Monsieur Anonymous.....pouette

pablo said...

hi my name is pablo from Chile ...your work is amazing I am a animator and rigger this is my works link
contac me I need talk with you ok thanks..